Gun cartoon of the day

I have QOTD posts for Markley’s Law scheduled into 2014 so I’m not hurting for Markley’s Law Monday material. I received a pointer to this cartoon via “someone adverse to email” and decided to post it in a more timely manner.

Found here:


Heavy sigh. With a clean canvas and with virtually only space restrictions on what they can say the best they can come up to attack gun owners is to invoke Markley’s Law? That’s pathetic.


8 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. I wonder if that pathetic little poodle shooter is chambered in the new .17 Markley caliber? Or perhaps the .17 Markley Improved?

  2. WTF? They now make a gun that has a P-38 canopener attachment just below the barrel? Dangit, I want one of those!!!

    • (of course, I only want one because I have yet to find a relatively painless method to open cans with my penis. Not that I’ve tried, or anything, you know….*ahem*…)

      • Try bottles. Once you get past the twist-top, it’s all…. Wait, do they put twist-tops on long-necks brewskis?
        As you say, *ahem* 🙂

        • I just made a bottle opener shaped piece of jewelry for my apadravya. I mean, if you’ve got that much lever, you might as well use it for something.

          (Don’t google apadravya at work. 😉 )

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