The stars Came Back – Pause

Gotta pause a bit. Stomach bug. End of school. Other half out of town. Job apps. A bit of writing, rewriting, and editing. I will be back. Don’t worry, I won’t leave it hanging like this for too long. It WILL get done. Just not in the next week.

In the mean time:

And in Syria, Wag The Dog comes to life.


4 thoughts on “The stars Came Back – Pause

    • Thanks. I have one in particular that I’m very hopeful about. They actually WANT a generalist – that’s ME!

  1. Sir

    I feel for you for the unexpected loss of your young nephew and rejoice for you for your gain with your first grandchild.

    Please take as much time out as necessary for you and your family. Family comes first before almost anything including this blog.

    Those of us who are your faithful followers can wait as long as necessary for you to continue with this blog and should you decide stop blogging then we will understand and wish you and your family all the best.

    Thomas W. McCord

    • I think you need to post this to Joe.
      Rolf (me) is the one doing the sort-of-daily Stars Came Back story.
      My mother-in-law was recently in the ICU (cancer, with several complications, but is improving and receiving care at home now) which is why my other half is out of town. So best wishes in this general blog-direction are welcome, even if aimed at the Evil Mastermind (TM).

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