8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—jimmy streich

  1. Is that how WW2 started? Churchill and Roosevelt were compensating for tiny Penises? Penii?

    • Hitler discovered that the Poles tended to be “better hung” than himself. A few months later, someone pointed out that the Belgians were even better endowed on average, and that the French had “devices for extending one’s endowment” (as evidenced by various unsolicited snailmails). It all sorta went downhill from there.

      • For some reason, not many history books ‘expose’ this aspect of WWII.

        • ‘Course not, they all focus on the “guns” and “politics”. Which, of course, is just another euphemism for “penile envy”.

          And I’m probably going to some historian hell for typing that first reply. LOL

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