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As everyone knows perfectly well, we must respect all other cultures. Quaint, foreign cultures have a LOT to teach us. Why, you could spend a lifetime studying just one other culture and never learn enough about it. They’re like the Amazon jungle – full of untold treasures, if only we could find a way to open ourselves to them.

Furthermore, and as we all know perfectly well, the idea that people around the world could possibly learn anything beneficial from American culture is not only preposterous in the extreme, it is unbelievably arrogant and bigoted. Why, to even THINK that that WE have anything to offer the world is just sick. It should be illegal.


2 thoughts on “More on culture

  1. Napier stopped the practice of suttee in India by accepting the Indian cultural practice, but insisting that the Indians likewise accept the British practice of hanging those who practiced murder of widows.

  2. This is why the PC language police exists. If you fool people into believing there is no such word as “barbarian” you end up unable to recognize a barbarian when you see one.

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