We’re still missing the point

In all the talk about the latest scandals involving the targeting of political enemies by government, the arming of criminal gangs and Islamist groups, and government spying on American citizens, there is a lot of back and forth about security verses privacy and so on.

All of it misses the main point, the preverbal elephant in the living room– Our government can and currently does consider patriotic, pro constitution citizens a greater threat than practically anything else.

While sheepishly looking away from the Fort Hood shooter’s jihad talk, while twiddling their thumbs regarding the warning signs prior to the Boston bombing, they were crawling up the assholes of tea party groups, and targeting states like Colorado and Texas to reorient the political landscapes there.

If you’re a strong, self sufficient, productive, independent thinker who loves the American ideals, YOU are the enemy of this government. Your country is the enemy of this government. The jihadists provide a convenient excuse to have the power infrastructure in place and to build on it, to help keep constitutional limits to a minimum. To maintain this charade, they actually need the occasional terrorist attack. They need a certain amount of crime, unemployment, border insecurity and inflation.

Without pain, suspicion, fear, frustration, demoralization, anger, miseducation, dependency, hopelessness and chaos, they are nothing. In short; they’re waging a multi-front war against America’s founding principles. Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out.

As painful as it may be to face up to it, we must if there is to be any solution. The first step in solving any problem is to admit you have it (or that it has you). We certainly will never solve any problem we’re unwilling to define and address openly.


2 thoughts on “We’re still missing the point

  1. And the other elephant: they are right — we the productive citizens of this country *are* the enemy of their kind of government. But that says more about them than about us. And more about their plans to destroy the Constitution — plans that have been under way for just over a century (starting with Woody Wilson — or Teddy Roosevelt).

    And by the way, the “they” you are talking about wear both party labels (though somewhat more of the one than the other).

  2. They don’t give a good goddamn about public safety.

    The Russians WARNED us about the Tsaranev brothers. They told us where they’d been and what they were doing, told us they were known jihadis. This administration was too busy and having too much fun siccing the IRS on Tea Party types and printing up anti-terrorism training manuals that go on and on about “disillusioned Iraq War vets becoming right-wing radicals” but never once even mentioned Islam.

    My working hypothesis is that the Left in this country considers people like the Tsaranevs, Osama bin Laden, MS13, the Crips and Bloods, all the street gangs, as paramilitary auxiliaries highly useful for keeping the soccer mom types and “low information voters” scared too shitless to think. They’re certainly not doing a goddamned thing about terrorism. They’re certainly not doing a goddamned thing about the ongoing million-a-year illegal alien invasion. They’re certainly not doing a goddamned thing about street crime, which IS terrorism, or the 49-year campaign of deliberate, organized violence and targeted ethnic cleansing that drove Whites out of the major cities in this country. My working hypothesis is that this is due to which side they’re on.

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