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If anyone gave a damn about the poor, poor, downtrodden Mexicans, they’d be asking why Mexico is such f^<ked up crap-hole of a country that people are so desperate to get out of it. They’d be asking themselves what might be done to fix it.

If anyone cared about people having a place to escape to, they'd be spending all their time shoring up, teaching and defending the American principles of liberty.

But they don't. Far from it, which proves they're full of shit and couldn't care less about Mexicans, or about oppressed people anywhere.


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  1. Ending the War on Drugs would probably be a step in the right direction.

    • Absolutely. That and the welfare state, but those are of course just two examples (in a sea of examples) of needing to shore up, teach and defend the American founding principles as THE way to help the oppressed everywhere.

      When alcohol Prohibition was enacted, it was understood at that time that it would require an amendment to the constitution. Putting aside the elephant in the living room that says this amendment was contrary to the founding principles, they did at least acknowledge that it was required – that otherwise the constitution made enacting such a law to be a high crime in itself. When drugs were outlawed, that understanding was ignored, or it no longer existed. “Pay no attention to that document behind the curtain. Those are not the principles you’re looking for.” In short, we reenacted Prohibition illegally, applying it to some different substances this time around and pretending it didn’t matter, that it was totally different this time around. Speaking of Fundamental Transformation; that one took place decades ago, and hardly anyone noticed.

      Both the alcohol and the drug Prohibitions can be used as excellent examples of how trading freedom for “security” is a false choice, that you end up with neither, and deserve neither if you’re stupid or cowardly enough to fall for the ruse.

      • Interestingly, since the drug wars came up in a discussion of Mexicans, I believe that if you dig around a little bit you will find that bigotry toward Mexicans was fostered as a means of banning pot, or some other drug. Now it is the illegality of certain drugs that is often cited as a cause of much of our border problems and much of the problems inside Mexico.

        Why, it’s almost as if this were planned. Shall we talk about welfare, public housing, the civil rights movement and the trends regarding family integrity, education and unemployment among American black people? As in, the more we do the worse it gets, and who has been behind it?

        So again (and again and again) anyone who gives a flying crap about poor, oppressed black people, anywhere on the planet, would be shoring up, teaching and defending the American principles of liberty. The fact that they don’t proves that they’re full of shit, insane, or just too bigoted to see the noses on their faces.

        • Yeah, I’ve tried using the “prohibition / constitutional amendment / illegitimate laws” line of arguing on Republicans before (because I thoroughly expect arguments of “victimless crime!” to fail utterly with that crowd, unfortunately) and even that fails 99% of the time.

          “I just want drugs banned and I don’t care what you say on the subject.” Bah.

          I’ve made the similar point about black people, to both Teams, but neither one pays much attention tot hat either.

          Actually, it’s damned frustrating. It certainly seems to be the case that 99% of the people I talk to even in America don’t give a good goddamn about American principles of liberty.

          Hell, I was in New Zealand, at a coffee shop, and ended up in a conversation about politics (as opposed to a “political conversation”) with a fellow from Canada and even though the Canadian guy wasn’t a big fan of firearms, he was still way more polite and “hands off” than American leftists. “I don’t really like guns, but I don’t see why people in Massachussetts should be able to tell people in Texas that they can’t have them”.


  2. Read Article 130 of the Mexican Constitution for the reason why no religious organization in the US will ever say anything about the screwed up society and economics in Mexico… If an American Cardinal starts speaking out about the injustices in Mexico they will be shut down hard. No churches, no seminaries, no nothing, and (by law) only native born citizens can be ordained as ministers.

    Any infraction is tried in a Star Chamber court (no jury trials allowed) to boot.

    But Americans are the ones afflicted by zenophobia.

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