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This demonstrates the biggest problem with Liberals isn’t KNOWING what the evidence shows. Instead, the problem is that their vested interest in a false vision compels Liberals to discount each and every fact that would destroy that vision.

Brian Cates
June 4, 2013
Why Evidence Doesn’t Matter to Liberals Enchanted by a Vision
[I’ve run into this sort of thing with numerous people. Many people simply cannot be reached with evidence.

I’ve literally had people tell me, “I don’t believe your facts.” That the facts were from the FBI UCR and there was no contrary evidence did not matter. He did not even have an interest is supplying “his facts”. He was just right and I was wrong. This was a college professor. That he was an admitted Marxist teaching in the school of business made me realize we did not have a common basis for communication. I’m pretty sure we don’t even share the same reality.

Some people have unshakable faith in things that are demonstrably false. When these type of people are encountered as individuals it can be a source of amusement, frustration, or make your job miserable. When these people are in positions of governmental power they burden you with stupid regulations, destroy economies, and commit genocide.

The Second Amendment was designed and put in place to protect us from Liberals enchanted by a vision.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brian Cates

  1. The Catholic Church has a term for those kinds of folks – “Invincibly Ignorant”.

    They use it in a different context, of course, but what else can it be?

  2. I really hate the whole “I just don’t agree with that” line from some people.

    It doesn’t matter whether you agree if I’m not spouting opinion!
    When you deal in facts, you either find a way to dispute it (supported by evidence) or shut your face-hole!!

  3. Since all aspects of marxism are contrary to evidence and reality, the reaction from that “professor” is entirely in character.

    • The 100 million dead must just be a good start for marxism, communism, Nazism, and fascism. Anyone who still thinks these murderous ideologies are valid are just as evil. There is no excuse for such ignorance…and yet they still exist and are impervious to facts.

      The gun control advocates operate in this fashion. Gun control laws are useless and yet, they propose more of them with the final intent of confiscation.

      The endpoint they desire is incompatible with firearms ownership. There can be no compromise. Discussion with them is futile.

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  5. Yup, undeterred by reality. ‘Splains why I’m divorced (I was unwilling to believe)…

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