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With the IRS being used as a political tool and the FBI and NSA having access to all phone records and who knows how much other private data I have to wonder how many legislative votes, court decisions, and even executive branch actions were influenced. We know that J. Edgar Hoover used the FBI for political purposes for decades. Why should we think it stopped when he died? Why should we think it was only him that wielded such power?

If nearly every government officials has been subject to blackmail for decades could that be part of the explanation for the abandonment of Constitutional principles?

Power corrupts. It corrupts those that have the power and it corrupts those who are subject to that power.


4 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. My view is this: If they are hoovering up gazillions of bits, and they are not getting enough information to put John Corzine and a bunch of corrupt Wall St corrupt-o-crats and bankers in jail for their actions, then the whole program should be scrapped, because they are obviously aiming at targets for political purposes, not because they are damaging to the nation.

  2. You bring up a very good point, and I can’t think of any real argument against it.

    I remember reading in pre-Internet days of how Lyndon Johnson loved to read the dirt files on people gathered by the FBI. The article pointed out that he probably never thought that ol’ J. Edgar had a file on him, too.

    And back in the day, wasn’t there some discussion of Dubya’s behavior that made the author think that possibly Vicente Fox had a picture of Dubya in his coke days with a donkey?

  3. i think between being bought and being blackmailed it’s only coincidence when legislators do things that are good or right.

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