Wouldn’t it be great…

…if we could stop fantasizing? That would be cool. I think about it all the time.

Tomorrow I will not make or act upon any plans.

I’m trying very hard to stop struggling with my tendency to fight against my conflicts.

I constantly tell myself to quit my internal dialog.

My high degree of modesty makes me better than other people.

People who judge other people are stupid and evil.

My lack of emotion gives me some amazingly good feelings.

My anger pisses me off.

I cannot forgive myself for harboring all this resentment.

My lover hates me. My predictability often catches her by surprise. She uses her meekness and victimhood as weapons of aggression. I have been enslaved by her servitude. Her tendency toward a regimented lifestyle has become spontaneous.

You can stand me up to the gates of hell, and I will never budge from my position of remaining a push-over.

I really wish I could stop wanting.

I’m afraid that I might be paranoid, but maybe it’s just that everyone around me is trying to make me paranoid.

It’s crazy to think you’re insane.

Avoiding work takes a lot of planning and effort.

I have determined my gross carelessness to a high degree of accuracy, through careful, thorough evaluation.

Simple, familiar things are awesome.

I’m a fool for objectivity.