It’s a bird. No, it’s a drone!

Found on Drudge. And “this is just the beginning” they say. Of what? I ask.

For some reason I’m reminded of the “Hunter-Seekers” (or were they “Hunter-Killers”? It’s been several decades since I read the series) of Frank Herbert’s Dune. They were tiny, silent, flying assassination drones that could get into your house or pretty much anywhere else. I wonder if the IRS is looking into drone technology, but then; who isn’t?


11 thoughts on “It’s a bird. No, it’s a drone!

  1. Here’s the itsy bitsy bugs:

    I care less about the IRS and government having them. I’m more bothered by the idea that sexual predators, who already get caught putting cameras where they don’t belong, might have access to them. Just imagine your freaky neighbor spying on your 12-year old daughter….

    • Then your concern is a wee bit misguided, I think.

      I remember reading about butterfly drones in a Sci fi series 15 years ago. Scared the hell out of me. Now they’re here.

    • I suppose you believe that no one involved in the IRS would ever be a sexual predator. Naw. You’re right. It’s totally impossible that someone seeking power over other people would ever seek a position in government where they’d have relative impunity and massive resources at their disposal.

    • Giving people in government the power to take away between 50% and 100% of everything we worked for in this world is one thing, sure, but for a private citizen to possibly see me naked? Well, that’s just wrong! THAT ability should reside solely in the hands of government.

      We could have fun with this one all day. Anyone care to find the videos taken from government aircraft showing women sunning themselves, or people having sex?

  2. Think of it as moving target practice supplied by your tax dollars without killing an innocent butterfly or whatever creature is being mimicked…

    • Nice idea. I wonder if some microwave oven guts plus an old satellite TV dish would do the job. You’d probably need one bigger than the current generation 2 foot models.

  3. I believe ‘hunter-*seeker*’ is correct, but only insomuch as I remember mis-hearing it in the (original 1984) film as ‘HEART-seeker’.

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