Gay bashing in Seattle

This looks like a race and/or gay bashing:

On 5/29/13, just shortly before 10:00 p.m., a witness flagged down an officer to report that he saw 6 or 7 men assaulting an unknown black male. The witness went on to say that while the group was assaulting the man they were yelling racial and sexual orientation epithets at the victim.  The witness saw the group beating the man with their fist and kicking him. They were also striking the victim with their skateboards.

While officers were interviewing the suspects, a man (later identified as the victim) walked up to the scene, bleeding from a laceration to the mouth. He pointed to the group and told the officers that the suspects had assaulted him and called him names associated with his ethnic background and sexual orientation.

The victim stated that he did not know the suspects or why they attacked him.

The 20-year-old victim was bleeding heavily from a lacerated lip.  He was transported to HMC for further treatment of his injuries.

You could be the nicest person in the world with no known enemies in what you think is a “safe part of town” but yet people could hate you and want to inflict violence upon you. Be able and prepared to defend yourself.

The police hit their targets about one third of the time. Unless you are more highly trained than them you are unlikely to get a better hit ratio.

Getting “one shot stops” is difficult and rather rare. There are seven attackers and you only have a 10 round magazine in your gun? Tell your next of kin to blame the anti-gunners if you run out of ammo and your attackers kill you.

Update: I should have pointed out that this happened in the same Seattle area neighborhood, Capital Hill, that recently had gay/gun-rights posters criticized by the local press which claimed, “What better way to make people feel unsafe in gay-friendly Capitol Hill than by slyly referencing homophobia and hate crimes in pro-gun propaganda plastered on every street corner?”


6 thoughts on “Gay bashing in Seattle

  1. If your life is worth defending, it’s worth defending effectively and efficiently.

  2. Those armed gay posters in Olympia are starting to make more sense to some…I hope.

    Sadly I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Ah… good ol’ SAFE act. Law was recently “clarified” to “allow” loading ten rounds, but only at the range or competition. Limited to seven in the mag, whether in your EDC while out and about, or *at home*

  4. Never bring a skateboard to a gun fight. That first loud bang tends to scatter the vandals quickly.

    • Plus it makes it all that much easier for cops to nab at least one perp when he’s writhing on the ground bleeding. “Yes, officer, that’s him over there, squirming.”

  5. Nothing says, “Stop hitting me!” like two slugs from a .38, although .380 and .32 are as easily understood by the “goblins”.

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