It’s opening now

I hope you like crap.

It’s received amazingly little attention. I guess all the other scandals are useful in that regard.

Update; Oh, it’s a parody site. There are parodies on Obama too. Does that mean he doesn’t exist? How about Fox News? But they tell nothing but lies, or maybe that’s a parody, so how about Forbes? OK, maybe they’re all lying. I haven’t been to Utah in a while. Do your own research.


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  1. I heard the storage stats on this facility. Immense. What I didn’t hear were any stats on it’s ability to PROCESS data flow. perhaps it needs to get tested. Perhaps we need to form huge data-dumps and just pass them back and forth among ourselves. The Utah facility will dutifully try to store it all, but it might just fail in the processing.

    The limit on our end will be the throughput. We might have to buy large blocks of bandwidth to carry this off.

    • Back in college, a couple of acquaintances crashed the campus email system by mailing a large file back and forth…

  2. ” This is a parody of and has not been approved, endorsed, or authorized by the National Security Agency or by any other U.S. Government agency.”

    GG internet… GG

    • Yep. Parody website. Who’s taking bets that Glenn Beck will be references it on his show?

      • Roughly the same odds as the same thing happening on MSNBC. Oh wait;
        ” Kolb delights in how, last month, MSNBC reporter Deborah Norville went on air with news that more than half of all exercise done in the United States happens in TV infomercials for workout machines.
        Norville neglected to mention her source: The Onion, of course. Norville did not return a call seeking comment. “

  3. Last comment on this– They must be very confident in their anti-EMP shielding to have located so close to a major highway.

  4. Wired and others had an article on this site a few months back. The thing is real.

  5. I can authoritatively state the Utah data center is quite real.

    My current employer is not working on the software engine that will run it.

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