Aluminum powder for explosives

The main ingredients of Tannerite are aluminum powder and ammonium nitrate. There is some other stuff as well but go look up the patent if you want the details.

Just ammonium nitrate and the right kind of aluminum powder mixed in the correct proportions will detonate via a high velocity rifle bullet. It won’t detonate as easily as Tannerite (or Boomerite) but it can be made to detonate. I’ve done it.

The tough part of doing this on your own without an ATF license to manufacture high explosives is getting the correct type of Al powder (you can get the AN from cold packs). I haven’t tried it yet but someone claims they have done it with a rock tumbler and Al foil.

It looks plausible even if it does take a week in the tumbler.

Basically you shred a bunch of Al foil by hand, put it in a rock tumbler with some carbon and large ball bearings, then let the tumbler do it’s job for a week. Out comes “German Dark Aluminum Powder”.

Another law (restrictions on German Dark Al) made to look silly by low tech tools and procedures.


3 thoughts on “Aluminum powder for explosives

  1. There are or have been restrictions on the number of lithium batteries you can buy. Why not restrict Al foil purchases? We have all the precidents. Who really NEEDS cold packs, for that matter? Better still, make everything illegal and we’ll never have to worry about Muslim extremists ever again. No more crime or evil of any kind any more. Ever. That IS what we’re talking about, isn’t it?

    In sumary; all of mankind’s problems will be solved once everything is illegal.

  2. I’ve seen people make Al powder using a blender and Reynolds Wrap.

    Hell, there’s a video on YouTube of a 12 year old Aussie kid making some for improvised fireworks.

  3. The cold packs often are Urea or other chemicals now, not because of explosives use but because meth cooks were using them to obtain ammonia.

    Ammonium sulfate and Calcium nitrate are very common agricultural chemicals- I have them both for fertilizing/acidifying soil for my blueberries and fertilizing my fruit trees. You must NOT mix them in a water solution to use as fertilizer since they would react to form ammonium nitrate and Calcium sulfate. The Calcium sulfate is insoluble and will drop out of the solution… Leaving a pure ammonium nitrate solution.

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