Gun cartoon of the day

From here:


Not just anti-gun but anti-free speech as well.

Thanks to the cartoonist for showing us their true colors.


3 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Can’t remember the name of the guy, but recognize the style and signature. He’s flaunted his anti-gun colors anytime there’s a mention of guns in the news, one of those that could honestly be described a anti-guns grassroots. Like most of their meager roots, he’s somehow found an audience well above what his talents should have gotten him.

  2. Change the tag on E to read “legislator” and then the “choice” as to the “right” answer is easy. Absent such a change it’s a set without a “correct” choice.

  3. The key word here is “defenseless.”

    And exactly WHO rendered these Americans ‘defenseless?’ It sure wasn’t any 2A organization that I’m aware of…!! 😕

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