Someone learned the hard way

Buses and trucks have a much larger turning radius than cars.

Someone at 4th and Olive in downtown Seattle learned the hard way this afternoon:



4 thoughts on “Someone learned the hard way

  1. Basic physics and geometry too often fail to recieve proper attention.

    Many times I’ve explained some simple thing to my wife, only for her to respond, “We’ll, I just don’t understand those things”.

    My oft reply, “You do now, because I just told you” fails to carry. Thus your photo. There’s nothing for it I’m afraid.

    • Proof reading is another common shortcoming. Auto fill decided I needed an erroneous apostrophe.

  2. Ouch. Ya know, ALL of those vehicles now have “LARGE TURNING RADIUS” signs plastered on the arse-end of the vehicle in question. And anyone who’s been driving for more than a week *should* know this fact. My guess is that there’s going to be an attempt at a lawsuit against the bus lines. I seriously hope the judge laughs in their faces, throws the case out, and heavily fines the prosecuting attorney for contempt of common sense.

  3. I think that person’s son lives in Bellingham. He’s the one that’s always doing 40 on I-5 in a Honda Civic

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