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New card to send gun owners who may or may not have small genitals:


Tweeted on March 20, 2013.
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

The artist’s ignorance is almost overwhelming. Beyond the invocation of Markley’s law check out the pistol grip and magazine locations, the angle of the cut on the muzzle (produces muzzle climb), no grip for the right hand, and the ejection port forward of the magazine.—Joe]


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    • Nope. A Bren is a great gun, and full auto, but it shoots .303 British or 7.62 NATO, a full-power rifle cartridge, so it’s a plain ol machine-gun. An assault rifle needs an “intermediate power” cartridge to qualify. So it’s close, but it’s still a stupid drawing 🙂

  1. Serrations are on the wrong end of the knife blade, too. Perhaps the artist is not really trying (or deliberately avoiding) technical authenticity?

  2. Plus he doesn’t have enough fingers, his hat bill looks like a banana sticking out of his forehead, and his nose appears to that of a baby platypus. Oh wait, it’s a cartoon… nevermind. 😉

  3. Heh. I say we call it a caricature and the over-blown inaccuracies are intentional. I’m sure there’s a fancy word for that, sorta like “visual snark”, but its not coming to mind right now. I choose to laugh at the pic and the statement.

  4. Wait. Assault rifles are large? Could the writer’s perceptions be a bit off? Better not show him what the navy shoots.

    • They’re small of course, or they wouldn’t be assault rifles, but they’re large in the frightened minds of those who’ve fallen prey to the anti gun narrative.

  5. I say this a lot, but is this the war on women? I mean, chicks dig guns. They have penis envy? That’s sexist.


  6. I say the drawing does stem from ignorance. The caricature of the man at least has the head on top of the torso, the nose between the eyes and above the mouth, the hat atop the head, etc., but the “assault rifle” misses some of those basic marks.

    The evil grin is a nice, dehumanizing touch. It’s pure bigotry from start to finish in any case. We’re invited to fear, loathe and hate the character, and by extension to hate the Bill of Rights that gives him his expression of sickness and evil. The 1930s caricatures of Jews were of the same kind and for the same reasons. The filthy gun owner of course must be a white male. But wait; Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to carry a gun legally and was denied “for his own safety”. The caricatures may change a little bit over time but the motivation for control does not.

  7. Let us hope your REALLY small penis can protect you when the shit hits the fan. You and your kind are going to be the first casualties when the mobs are eating their own.

    • This seems to be a common pattern among leftists. They always assume ‘they’ will be on top when the dust settles. It never occurs to them to review what happened to the brownshirts when Hitler no longer needed them, or Trotsky when Stalin got tired of him.

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