The temptation is great

Barb L. and I have arranged to spend some time on the beach next weekend.

After making the arrangements my thoughts soon went to what my profile on (where I meet Barb) said about the beach:

Long walks on the beach are nice–if we brought the explosives to see how big a crater we can make in the sand and how high the water will shoot up into the air.

In addition to the legal issues involved I left my chemistry set in Idaho.

Still… there are solutions to most of the issues and the temptation is great.


4 thoughts on “The temptation is great

  1. Start with your predilections, throw in a beached whale and bring the video camera.

    Now that’s a day at the beach.

    • LOL.

      I’m pretty sure that would be pushing deeper into the “legal issues” than I care to get involved with.

  2. At the beach this past week, I ran into a lad trying to impress his girl. He was obviously a soldier by his high-and-tight, AND he was a digging fool. As I watched, he dug a triangular 3-man fighting position, then put a mushy message to his sweetie on the landside wall of it, took photos and left, all in about a half hour. He must have moved two yards of sand in that half hour. He used a regular dirt shovel, not an entrenching tool.

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