Quote of the day—Richard Horton

The NRA’s use of the “war” metaphor is an illegal incitement to violence and should be prosecuted.

Richard Horton
Tweeted on May 4, 2013
[I find it telling that Horton, editor of Lancet, wrote a book with “war” in the title: Health Wars: On the Global Front Lines of Modern Medicine.

The “war” referred to by the NRA is a “culture war” and is no more violent than Horton’s “Health War”.

Horton is not just an hypocritical anti-gunner but an elitist anti-freedom advocate. After we finish liberating the U.S. we should liberate Canada, the U.K., and Australia.

H/T to Col. Milquetoast for the email pointer and Snowdon for more background information on Horton.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Richard Horton

  1. I would log this under ‘crap for brains’. He is literally saying that the NRA should be prosecuted for using a *metaphor*!

  2. “War on Poverty” anyone? “War on Drugs”. By that standard we should be prosecuting Democrats. How many “Wars” or the “Moral Equivalent(s) of War” have they started? Don’t we also have “wars” on obesity and illiteracy? Everything is a “war” to the power-hungry. Bloomberg has “wars” going on multiple fronts including salt and soda, AND HE’S USING THE COERCIVE POWER OF GOVERNMENT TO FIGHT THOSE WARS. All told it’s a war on liberty, and so of course they’ll conclude that anyone advocating liberty should be prosecuted.

    You know the old drill. First they’re “nudging”, then they shove. After that there’s nothing for it but to shoot. That’s Progressivism. Glen Beck spelled it out just the other night and he nailed it. They’re now in the shoving stage.

    We want to be left alone with out rights respected, and we’re to be prosecuted for it? That’s par for the course in the Progressive mindset. It is a war of intimidation and the Progressives are the aggressors.

    Yup; Crap For Brains (CFB) or Richard Horton is grasping at straws (GAS). He’s full of GAS.

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