This video refers to FM 3-39.40 (Internment and Resettlement Operations).

I did a quick scan of the document and I’m a more than a bit skeptical. There’s the whole “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof” aspect but there is also this notice:

DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Distribution authorized to the DOD and DOD contractors only to protect technical or operational information from automatic dissemination under the International Exchange Program or by other means. This determination was made on 8 December 2008. Other requests for this document must be referred to the Commandant, U.S. Army Military Police School, ATTN: ATZT-TDD-M, 320 MANSCEN Loop, Suite 270, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 65473-8929.

DESTRUCTION NOTICE: Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document.

That isn’t the proper notification used with restricted documents.

On the other hand a lot of work went into creating the document.

When I can see aerial photos of the camps on U.S. soil I’ll be a lot more susceptible to being convinced it’s real.


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  1. That street addy is not a military address. Military units have to use the military mail system, period. That alone is enough to queer the “Field Manual”

  2. The bitch of it is that there are already examples of Democrats using internment camps in the U.S. Are we “tin foil behatted” if we point to history as a link to a possible future?

    Who would have thought only a few years ago that over a thousand new IRS agents would be put in charge of administering “health care”? Why, that’s crazy, right?

    In light of recent events, the whole “it can’t happen here” argument has lost a lot its popular appeal I think. Whether this particular bit is a hoax or not really isn’t the point, is it? We pretty well know already how communists think and operate.

  3. It is a military address. Field units that might be designated “1-325 Military Police Battalion,” for example…do not write field manuals. Schoolhouses and other branch proponent offices do. “Commandant, U.S. Army Military Police School” and the associated office symbol IS the unit address. It’s a real document, and is on the server.

  4. Its been bandied around a bit for at least the last 6 months. They game everything. Because they game it doesn’t mean they think it will happen or that it is a real plan.

    But it is interesting that they are gaming the political dissident angle.

  5. However… one of the comments on the web (perhaps the Daily Kos, which also picked up on this thing) is that the document seems to be aimed at US operations outside the USA. In other words, the detainees being discussed would not, in general, be US citizens.

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