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  1. I’d take the claims with a grain of salt. Seung-Hui Cho; as a legal alien would he even be registered? As I recall, the claim that James Holmes was part of the occupy thing was based on an anonymous forum post. The Columbine shooters; parents don’t guarantee kids politics.

    Besides, Seung-Hui Cho was coocoo for cocoa puffs.

  2. And what is Progressivism (incremental communism) but an assault on humanity, a dissatisfaction with they way humans are and an attempt to remake them in someone else’s image? It is violence at its core.

  3. You know, I’m not really sure why guns owners try to put down other gun owners who might be Democrats. Don’t you need ALL the gun owners to be on your side? Not only that, there are more registered Democrats than there are Republicans. What is the purpose in pissing them off? Wouldn’t it be smarter to get them to try and sway the people they elected on the gun issue?

    • Cute. Nice try. It’s about principles, Babe. Communists always use guns, though they are not on on our side. They use guns to keep the “masses” in line. They take guns away from from their opposition, then they kill them. “Good for me, but not for thee.” Get it? Of course you get it, which is why you have to be coy. Try that bullshit somewhere else.

      • Note that most of these mass shootings take place in “gun free zones”. Get it? Communist shit bag has guns, no one else does. Same story, different day. What will it take to get you to admit how this works?

      • Then why gloat about how many gun owners there are and how many guns they have? Based on what you just said, a lot of them are owned by Communists.

        • It’s the difference between a government monopoly on force, and NOT, even if some of the individual not-government gun-owning folks are shit-bags (and humans being human, that is inevitable).

    • I don’t think Democrats should be prohibited from firearms ownership, restricted in their freedom of speech, or be subject to involuntary servitude. To me, the interesting “something to think about” aspect was that nearly all mass shooters lean left. The rogue cop in L.A. also followed this trend.

      Statistics of a group do not apply to an individual in the group and should not be used to deny them basic rights. Just because most prostitutes are women does not mean all women should be required to wear chastity belts and only be allowed to remove them if they have passed background checks and have permission of their husband.

      The action, if any, that should be taken from the observation that almost all mass shooters are leftists is to advocate for better education about the dangers of such political viewpoints. Sort of like teaching the dangers of recreational drug use. “Just say no to the leftists!” It feels good at the time but long term it’s harmful to yourself and others.

  4. Does anybody else find it fairly surprising that this letter to the editor even got printed? I’d bet it wouldn’t have made it into our local rag.

  5. There’s one way to work with Democrats. Convince them to start advocating liberty. Convince them of the importance of the Bill of Rights. Get them to understand the greatness of the American Ideals, that America isn’t a place or even a people necessarily, but an idea– a beautiful idea. Once a person understands and embraces that, support for the second amendment naturally comes right along with it.

    • But a government of free folks don’t need rulers, they need leaders. Most of the Dems don’t know how to lead, and in fact are afraid of it, but they lust for power and want to RULE, damit! Sadly, many of the Repubs are the same.

    • Right, but that has nothing to do with Democrat/Republican. Republicans often advocate against personal liberties but gunnies don’t like to talk about that.

      What do you think of Jerry Brown? He’s sort of a Libertarian-leaning Democrat.

      • Not a chance. Libertarian leaning? Nonsense. Not when he takes everyone’s money to pour into bottomless pits like “high speed” [sic] trains.
        I like Joe’s argument. As individualists, we can’t go around talking about criminals and making arguments based on their membership in some supposed group. Even if accurate, that is irrelevant. As someone said recently, the fact that all xyz recently went out and killed someone has nothing to do with me, because I’m not planning to do that. It’s true just as much when xyz == democrats.
        An alien should not be registered, but given modern day voter registration policies, he very well might be — it’s clearly the intent of those policies to facilitate that.
        The observation “all these shootings happen in so-called gun-free zones” is a good one — John Lott has raised that point repeatedly in recent weeks. In fact, it would be good to use the more accurate term for those places: they are “disarmed victim zones”. That’s why the Aurora shooter picked that particular cinema.
        Then there was another interesting angle mentioned recently — that all these mass shooters were taking mind-altering medications. Worth a closer look, I would say.

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