Only 12% of those surveyed had a clue…

…that gun homicides are down. Way down. Via theBlaze.

The majority of Americans apparently believe that “gun violence” is on the rise. This is because there are people in high places who want us to believe things that aren’t true.

But as Tam put it, and I paraphrase;
“Even if every other gun owner on the planet tried to murder someone last night, I didn’t. So leave me alone.”

The right to keep and bear arms is not conditional. It is based on sound, moral principles, which do not change with the weather or with any other circumstances as some would have us think.

Either way (that is to say; using their own false logic or using moral principle) the anti-rights forces lose the argument when people pay attention. The other takeaway here is that lies, even big, transparent lies, do seem to work somewhat, at least for a while.


4 thoughts on “Only 12% of those surveyed had a clue…

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  2. Perhaps you found Tam’s original words possibly offensive for some? I certainly don’t. I think the paraphrase loses a lot of their power.

    • It was partly because I was too lazy to go back and get the exact words, being as I had the basic idea in my head already, and partly because the original words convey a certain anger or frustration (one is a manifestation of the other) that I believe could distract from the conversation.

      As I’m starting to say now and then; anger does not help your cause unless your cause is to foster anger, and the worst kind of anger is justifiable anger.

      We might do even better by referencing the third person, as in;
      “My neighbor is innocent, even if every other neighbor tried to murder someone last night.”

      Or the second person;
      “You are innocent, no matter how many other people may be guilty. No one should judge you based on the behavior of others.”

      It’s an age-old concept of course, and is mentioned in a way in the Bible; “Judge not, lest thou be judged” or something along those lines.

      Allowing frustration or anger into it, such as; “Judge not, lest I slap you around for a bit, you stupid turd” may get a point across, but it wasn’t exactly the point I wanted to make.

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