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“The bottom line is; we have authoritarians and anti-authoritarians living in the same society. Each is attempting to foster its separate, incompatible doctrine. Neither can afford to tolerate the other.”

It’s more like we’re living as separate societies in the same country, and that we have incompatible world views rather than “doctrines”. Neither world view can tolerate the other, because one example is often capable of poisoning, or infecting, a whole lot of people.

The authoritarian’s fantasy of a glorious regime can be highly threatened by one “upstart” who simply will not be intimidated or fall in line. The ideal of liberty in the minds of anti-authoritarians can be poisoned by the emergence of gangs as they infiltrate the political and media infrastructures.

So far in this post I’ve treated authoritarians and anti-authoritarians as separate but equal, but there is of course a major difference– The anti-authoritarian (libertarian) can best further his goals by being straight forward and honest, while the authoritarian must use deception, fear, anger and doubt.

One is honest and motivated by love while the other is a lying sack of shit motivated by hate trying to appear good and reasonable only as a means of getting its greedy way. One is honest with himself to the greatest extent possible while the other must avoid reality or be exposed and discredited. One builds and provides while the other is a deadly parasite, and yet one can be seen as mocking the other for its selfish goals.

Which are you? Most people are confused on the matter, believing themselves to be one when they are the other. Further; you can at times actually be doing the right things for the wrong reasons. Feints within feints within feints. What a tangled web we weave.

You can dress the conflict up in millions of words, appealing to various motivations and emotions, but it is still that simple, age-old conflict between love and hate, or liberty and tyranny.

Each sees itself as a liberator, too, and again it is because the mere existence of the other is a threat to its own existence. One is poison to the other and so it longs to be free of that poison.

How many ways can we say the same things? Millions and millions and millions. We fool ourselves into playing the same deadly game over and over.


3 thoughts on “My alternate quote of the day – Me

  1. I believe that (amongst those who care to think about it, that is) that we are in a situation similar to the Pro-Slavery/Anti-Slavery Mindsets of the 1850s.

    And God help us all, I think that the Issue will end up being resolved in the same manner.

  2. “It’s more like we’re living as separate societies in the same country”.

    As a Canadian, I can safely say that you’ve just described Quebec Separatists VS the rest of Canada… This really applies across the board, and it’s more common than most people think despite all of the “feel good” multicultural, multi-doctrine tolerance we have forced on ourselves every day by people who think they are doing it for the greater good. In reality, they force us farther apart.

  3. “This really applies across the board, and it’s more common than most people think…”

    Yes. It’s in every country, every state or province, every neighborhood, and it’s in most households. The same conflict goes on inside individuals.

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