Who will they punish now?

Remember when the control freaks announced they wanted background checks for the sale of explosive powders after the Boston Bombing? This, of course, was aimed at gun owners. Not real terrorists because real terrorist could easily find substitutes. Gun owners could not.

We now know the explosive powder the villains used:


Yup. That’s right. They disassembled fireworks and put that powder in the pressure cookers.

So now I wonder… Who will the control freaks seek to punish now? Will they want background checks on anyone that buys fireworks?

Never mind. Those were rhetorical questions. The Boston Bombers (WeaponsMan calls them “Speed Bump” and “Flashbang”—I like!) were just an excuse. Gun owners are the real targets and it will still be the gun owners they seek to control.


6 thoughts on “Who will they punish now?

  1. Home canners. If you own a pressure cooker you’re just as guilty as the jihadists. You have the blood of innocents on your hands.

    • That would only be true if they were logically consistent. They are neither logical nor consistent. I predict they will continue the campaign of hate toward gun owners.

      See my QOTD tomorrow at 6:00 AM for evidence to support my conclusion.

  2. Note that fireworks are already illegal in Massachusetts. So we’ll probably see a Bloomberg style tirade against those evil states that don’t yet control everything that moves and thereby enable the import of illegal xyz into control freak states.

  3. Who will they go after next? Owners of scoped bolt action rifles as eeeeevil sniper rifles. After all, it’s only the merest chance that the Brothers Kablamov (Tam does it again!) bought a pistol that they used to murder the cop rather than a .338 scoped deer rifle (that can bring down a Cessna 172!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!.
    We’re past “search for the guilty” and well towards “punishment of the innocent.”

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