Random thought of the day

Ry stopped by my office this afternoon and shared this bit of knowledge with me:

When you are shooting into a fire a red dot sight is totally worthless.

It’s obvious in hindsight but neither he nor I thought of it ahead of time.

2 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. Would a different color, like green, fair any better, or does the fire simply wash out the dot?

  2. That is an interesting subject for further study. The illuminated, etched reticles such as in a Trijicon telescope (not reflex) may do better as incoming light from the target would cause the reticle to be silhouetted. Still, there may be a brightness and color range in which it would blend and you’d need cut off the illumination. I have an Accupoint with green illumination. Time for some singing around some campfires.

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