6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Teri Szucs

  1. JPFO has a lot to say about the likes of Josh Horowitz, none of it good. Listening to Rabbi Dovid Bendory is much more enlightening than listening to Josh Horowitz.

  2. apparently still having problems with QOTD in FF. Title renders, but the post does not. I can see the post in page source, so I am not sure why it fails to render. Highlighting does not show it either, so it is not a text color issue.

  3. Maybe we should formulate a standardized gun-blog retort to gun control freaks who make silly jokes about the size of the male equipment of gun owners?

    How about a tweet response? (Not my area of expertise)

    How about a hyperlink to a complete and scathing rebuttal to their stupidity.

    Every time they do it we send the link and we’re done with them. When they see that it is idiotic on their part and they get no rise out of us, maybe they will grow up.

    • It’s tough being the adult, in command of my emotions and my mental faculties. My youngsters have more maturity and class than they do…

      • There is the idea that when your opposition is destroying himself, you should stand back and let him do it.

        The whole Markley’s law phenomenon is plenty of retort, but a person has to go seeking for it, and then finding it, must read it and comprehend it. That’s a bit much to ask of someone who blurts out penis jokes reflexively, and maybe that’s perfectly OK. By the time they grow up, say in 30 or 40 years, they’ll find they’ve been ridiculed and discussed by their betters for most of their lives.

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