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Nothing is more insulting then being talked down too by someone who is ignorant about guns and dishonest about what they want to do with them.

April 24, 2013
Comment to Dear Gun Control Democrats: 6 Ways to Make a Better Argument
[I’m not sure “insulting” is the word I would use. “Infuriating” is probably how I would describe it. A lawmaker who describes barrel shrouds as “the shoulder thing that goes up” or thinks that a magazine is consumed once the ammo in it has been fired has no business writing gun laws.

I take that back. They have no business writing laws of any type.

Would people tolerate a lawmaker who cannot distinguish a jacket cover from an index writing laws that ban books that use a “high-capacity font”?

Would people tolerate a lawmaker who cannot distinguish a reel from a lure writing laws banning “high-capacity fishing line”?

That is the equivalent of what we have had for decades in the case of our gun laws and it shows.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—RJHJ

  1. Your mistake, and the commenter’s mistake, lies in thinking that any of those legislators write the laws; they merely vote on them.

    And for voting on laws, when the laws are as bad and as badly written as the recent gun legislation, you want the most stupid and ignorant legislators money can buy.

  2. Careful there, y’all. Taking the quote and comments in isolation, it seems you’d be OK with having your fundamental rights trampled so long as they were trampled by intelligent, informed tyrants.

    Given a choice between the two, I’d prefer the stupid, ignorant tyrant over the intelligent, informed one.

    But the issue of human rights is quite apart form the mental capacities of our tyrants.

    If we’re going to have tyrants at all, maybe we should impose a limit on their mental capacity.

    Quit bitching about their dumbness. We like our tyrants to be dumb, no?

  3. I think that it is most likely that the legislators are, as a group, just as ignorant of the principal topic when they write most any law. As mckee said though, their staffs write the laws and the legislator gets a position paper that is supposed to tell him what is in the law.

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