It’s the Religious Right don’t you know

Heard on my way to work today – Network news break;

“Boston bombers blah blah blah Religious Right blah blah bombers blah blah Chechnya blah blah blah Far Right.”

As always, Progressives refer to all icons of evil as “The Far Right” or the “Religious Right”. That was the sole purpose of the “report”.

Back in junior high school in the 1970s I was taught the same thing, only then it was (and usually still is) that the Nazis were “Far Right”. Never mind that they referred to themselves as national socialists, and were inspired by the American Progressives and the Eugenics movement. Oh, and they were pretty tight with the Middle Eastern Muslims.

Yeah, so we’re to believe that the more you advocate freedom, the more you support the American founding principles of liberty, the more you support the concept of minimum government and maximum individual responsibility, the closer you get to Nazis and Islamofascists. Stupid as that is, there are those who believe it. And so they keep beating that drum.

As expected, the report did not contain the word “Islam” or the word “Islamist” or “jihad” or anything similar. They were so upset that, yet again, the perpetrator was not a teapartier, they went ahead and made the connection anyway. As usual also; they did it with innuendo. Just plant the little seed and watch it grow.


4 thoughts on “It’s the Religious Right don’t you know

  1. One of the Boston TV stations interviewed an “expert” when the FBI released those pictures of “suspect 1” and “suspect 2”. This individual said that the suspects looked caucasian (true enough) and concluded that they were domestic terrorists, “probably Columbine style” punks “out to have some fun”.

    • They wish it to be so. They wish it so hard they’re about to explode themselves.

      In fact, the more reasonable assumption, by far, based purely on history, is; “Haka laka, Muhamud jihad derka derka”. But now, to acknowledge reality is extremely unpopular. Instead we are to look the other way and let it get worse, which is currently our official national policy.

  2. I forget where I read this, but someone with the internet “handle” of “Egregious Charles” observed that mainstream media and higher education invariably uses whatever term can also include white males when describing something bad. If I recall correctly, his examples included Muslim terrorists, which are referred to as “religious fundamentalists”*, or extinction of North American Ice-age megafauna caused by over-hunting by “early Man”. He also observed that if it was something seen as favorable, it did not work in the other direction. “Aboriginal rock art was still Aboriginal rock art.”
    I haven’t seen an exception to this usage since.

    * As if there was a similarity between being scolded by Jerry Falwell and having your throat cut by the followers of some Mullah who issued a Fatwa because you said something regarded as blasphemous to a religion you do not adhere to.

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