Petition to repeal the 2nd Amendment

Via an email from Squirrel Hunter:

I think this was a wonderful idea. The list of signatures should be used to prohibit them from ever voting or holding public office.

This should be clear and convincing evidence people would sign a petition to fine everyone $10,000 and blow up every bridge in the state.


3 thoughts on “Petition to repeal the 2nd Amendment

  1. You saturate a population with enough propaganda for a few generations and they’ll eventually fall for anything. And so here we are. It’s called Progressivism.

  2. Unfortunately, this high satire sounded much like the same blather we heard on the Senate floor today.

  3. We need a federal law that lets people volunteer to be permanently prohibited from owning firearms. There would be some trouble making sure people didn’t lie and register other people, or intimidate/force people to register, but if we could give liberals a real opportunity to show their colors – I think they’d refuse to sign up while trying to get everyone else to sign.

    Likewise, we need a law that lets people volunteer to lock in a higher tax rate than required. Any politician or activist who wants to advocate for higher taxes, should be able to commit to their ideals by being forced at gunpoint to pay the higher taxes they want everyone else to pay.

    Likewise, people should be able to disenfranchise themselves, give up their right to vote. I can imagine it becoming quite a trendy position to take in college.

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