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If universal respect for the right to keep and bear arms saved just one nation from just one genocide wouldn’t it be worth it?


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  1. From the progressive perspective:

    If universal contempt for the right of self-defense could be maintained at the cost of just a few genocides now and then, which provide great NGO job opportunities and are obviously the fault of non-progressive white people anyway, wouldn’t it be totally worth it? And wouldn’t the genocides actually prove that we just didn’t disarm the victims hard enough, and that our agencies need more funding and less accountability?

    Bear in mind, most of these batshit clowntards believe that if you’re not white, you spend your life in a weird inert stasis, muttering Morganfreemanesque wisdom in a haze of golden light in your Colorful Native Garb, until a white person does something somewhere — whereupon you and a million of your countrymen are compelled to hack the neighbors’ kids to death with machetes. Because duh, racism. Eye roll, head tilt.

  2. Joe, it would be worth it, for the children, so we don’t have to answer OUR children’s and Grandchildren’s questions about what we did in the war (taking a lot of drugs in San Francisco isn’t good enough) or what we did to resist the evil of THE Leader and his cohorts ( cf the movie, “The Nasty Girl”).
    “An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure” is a timeless proverb because it is true. A little blood and sweat now beats the buckets of blood it will take to put the devil back in the bottle, to mix metaphors like a drunken bartender.

  3. Feminists famously protested with the slogan, “Our bodies ourselves!” which has the benefit of all slogans as being simple and memorable. Being Leftists, they can only imagine applying that to abortion. But actually, what is the ultimate expression of our bodies ourselves, but the ability to say NO and be able to enforce that NO to prevent the event that makes abortion necessary? Isn’t prevention better?

  4. If it could save the life of just one child, shouldn’t we all own machineguns?

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