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I don’t need a firearm; I have a no-cost inital weapon. SPEECH. Humans are too sensitive to another’s words of speech. As they even admit that, in comparison to a firearm.

April 5, 2013
Comment to Gun grab–This year’s run on guns
[As the next commenter said, “That must make sense to someone.”

Gun grabbers don’t have to make sense they just have to make themselves feel good.—Joe]


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  1. Hey Dude,

    I use words also. Stop. Don’t come any closer. Leave me alone, etc.
    The difference is I also have something available to me when I encounter those people less sensitive to words.

  2. I think the idjit is trying to paraphrase, “The pen is mightier than the sword”.

    Which is true, in a long time scale sense. Used with care and sufficient time, words can inform the intellect and inspire a people to greatness… or deceive the credulous and fill mass graves. Words are absolutely dangerous, in a weapon-of-mass-destruction sense, just slower.

    In the short time scale, the gun has all the advantages in terms of ‘might’. In the same amount of time it takes to emit a fairly unpersuasive, “No! Stop! Don’t!” you can convey your intention to continue living perfectly clearly with a .45. The gun is immediate and concrete.

    Thus, the Wise (capitalized, as Tolkien would in this meaning) should know how to use both.

  3. There are two ways that I can get someone to do what I want them to do: I can convince them, or I can compel them.
    Speech is used to convince.
    Weapons are used to compel.
    By definition, they are mutually exclusive. I know what many are thinking: “I can compel you with speech.” but that is incorrect: speech cannot compel, unless backed up by force, or a believable threat of force.
    The same goes for using weapons to convince: The threatened use of a weapon implies “do this, or else,” which is in itself compelling, not convincing.

    • “I know what many are thinking: “I can compel you with speech.” but that is incorrect: speech cannot compel, unless backed up by force, or a believable threat of force.”

      Close. What they mean is, “I can convince someone else to compel you by force”.

  4. Based only on the evidence presented I would be forced to conclude that the guy is a moron with no critical thinking skills. A reasoning person would ask “How would speech stop an aggressor? how could that mechanism be mitigated or circumvented? What other options are available to prevent the aggressor achieving his goals?”

    This person says they have an idea, asserts that it is a good idea and does not examine that idea further. That is not the hallmark of even average intelligence.

  5. Actually, “Viewer” sounds just like a Highly Educated College Professor in one of the “Studies.” You know the type: 6 Figure Income from the Taxpayers to fill Skulls with Mush; nice house in a Trendy Community with the Latte Shoppe just down the road, etc. Never been Mugged, House broken into, Family member Kidnapped, etc. But “Viewer” will never take the time to head down to the Border or up to Compton in LA. He “Sympathizes with the Plight of those Poor People who are being Oppressed”, but to actually LIVE with them? Please.

  6. And if someone is trying to kill him I’m sure he’ll use the power of speech to stop them……….oh wait, if he’s using speech to call 911 he’s calling for men with guns to come and stop the bad man with lethal force.

    I wonder if he’s also saying he has no need for armed cops. Ever.

  7. “My mouth is my weapon.”
    “Just try to stop some dude with a crowbar using only your dental work.”

  8. When you read Viewer’s whole comment, it makes even less sense than the part Joe excerpted above. Proof that even (or especially) the insane need a good editor. 😀

  9. Have a look at a comment I cherry-picked from viewer’s comment records:

    Why be it that us, raised as children in ‘school’ ARE ONLY educated to the word of “bunny.” And, then upgraded to the word of ‘hare’ — in later years. “Rabbit” be a concealed word, via schooling, until we children get older. What is the U.S. school system so afraid of? “Bunny is a kid term for rabbit.” (an internet search says What a mess-up, of this ‘educational system.’
    — March 21, 2013 4:53 p.m.

    I’m thinking one bulb short in the chandelier, compounded by English not being (his) first language. Points for trying, I guess.

  10. TkdKerry — Even the illiterate and inarticulate bemoan the inadequacy of their education (At least I think he was trying to say something about that subject.

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