Huckabee’s version of common sense

He gets everything right:

Via email from Squirrel Hunter.


8 thoughts on “Huckabee’s version of common sense

  1. New automatic guns are indeed banned. But in any case, calling them all “banned” is the best way to describe things even it is only 99.44% accurate.

    • He says they have been banned since 1934. If he had said, “Since 1986”, it would have been 99.9% accurate.

  2. Of course if the constitution were in force we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Since it’s not in force the conversation is an irrelevant exercise between members of the church choir about how the demolition of the church is going. The point being that the constitution is there specifically so that we wouldn’t need to convince anyone in politics to respect basic rights. Now all we do is try to convince people that having rights is a good thing, and we do that because the rights are not protected.

    If only half, or even thirty percent, of kids learned basic American history in school we wouldn’t be having this conversation either, and so we can blame public education except for the fact that our kids are our kids and if they don’t learn we have only ourselves to blame.

    So what were you all doing thirty years ago, besides trying to get laid?

  3. Does he or does he not uphold restrictions on gun ownership as a legitimate means of addressing crime?

  4. Huckabee is an old woman. With friends like him, you don’t need that nice old lady at the church social who decorates the tables with paper mâché center pieces.

  5. “The Wolf” said that, huh? Is that Maj. Caudill’s alias online?

    When I carry a gun, you cannot deal with me by force. You have to use reason and try to persuade me, because I have a way to negate your threat or employment of force. The gun is the only personal weapon that puts a 100-pound woman on equal footing with a 220-pound mugger, a 75-year old retiree on equal footing with a 19-year old gangbanger, and a single gay guy on equal footing with a carload of drunk guys with baseball bats. The gun removes the disparity in physical strength, size, or numbers between a potential attacker and a defender.

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