Boomershoot daffodils

Most people attend Boomershoot for the chance to shoot at explosives. Some come for the daffodils.


These daffodils were planted by my grandmother and her sisters when they lived on the property where the shooting line is. The daffodils survived even though the land was farmed and they have to compete with the grass for moisture and nutrients.

Each year I think, “This year I’ll move them out of the field and onto the front edge of the shooting berm where they will be out of the field. They will do better without fireballs wilting them.” I think this year will be the year it actually happens. Barb L. saw them for the first time yesterday and she instantly agreed it was a great idea and she has experience with flower bulbs. She plans to help me with the project.

I think that within a year or two we can completely cover the front edge of the berm. I think it will be awesome.