Boomershoot 2013 conditions

Things are looking good for Boomershoot 2013. Some years 16 inches of snow on the shooting line two weeks before the event. And we have even had snow on the hillside where the targets are for the actual event.

This year the local farmers were actually in the field for a few days last week before it started raining. Assuming it doesn’t continue like it was this weekend when Barb L. and I did some work at Boomershoot Mecca there should be good ground conditions and lots of green scenery.

Here is what it looked like today:

The target area is still wet but it will dry out quickly with warm weather.

The field around Boomershoot Mecca is green and in a few weeks will be very pretty.
The fog lifting up out of Clearwater Valley looked really neat. The power lines are from Dworshak dam.


4 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2013 conditions

    • A winter coat, sun screen, wool socks, short sleeved shirts might be a good idea too. The weather could be anything from a blizzard to hot sunshine.

  1. LOL, I was thinking about this all day yesterday, wondering why you hadn’t posted pics yet this year!

    Its been in the 70’s in Central Washington already, and I don’t remember an earlier or warmer spring.

    You might have to mow the grass down on top of the berm!

    • I haven’t been getting out there as frequently as I did in previous years.

      If needed I can mow the grass. I’ve done that before. I’ll be back on April 20th and will be there all week. Assuming the weather is decent I’ll get the mower out there and do what needs to be done.

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