Quote of the day—Chuck and Pat Wemstrom

America needs to grow up. No one should need Hummers, attack dogs or assault rifles to prove himself a mensch. More important are qualities of courage, integrity and thoughtfulness.

Real men don’t need guns.

Chuck and Pat Wemstrom
April 1, 2013
The Wemstroms: Gun debate and the male ego
[I guess police officers and our soldiers aren’t real men then. Or else they don’t need the guns they carry. And even if “real men” don’t need guns how about “real women”?

The bottom line is that assault rifles have nothing to do with proving oneself to be a mensch. They are tools and like any other tool do not bestow qualities upon the owners. For the Wemstroms to believe they do or for them to believe gun owners believe they do is a serious error on their part. It’s a straw-man argument.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chuck and Pat Wemstrom

  1. They likely live in an elite, gated Utopia, never venture outside the “good” part of town, and their lip service to environmental protection is fulfilled by donations to Greenpeace and the Sierra Club. Of course they don’t “need” any of those things. But they’re first in line to deny what they, themselves don’t perceive as necessary to others.

    • Checked their article, where they claim to live in a rural area. Lots’ of folks living in my rural area too – outside the urban blight by still in a gated community. (For the record, I do not. But then I don’t need to – I have guns and know how to use ’em.)

  2. Courage – taking care of a dangerous situation BY YOURSELF, not simply calling the cops with guns to save your pathetic arse.
    Integrity – like following through on your vows, such as protecting and supporting your spouse, even when outnumbered or outgunned, from all who would violate your persons.
    Thoughtfulness – Like planning ahead for contingencies and exigencies, when bad people and bad things happen, and you don’t have the time or ability to call the cops with guns.
    Methinks he’s talking out his ass, and has no understanding of history or how the real world actually works.

  3. REAL Men, Women and the LGBT don’t “need” anything to prove who they are. Their mere existence is Self-Evident, and the Losers like the Wemstroms are just jealous.

  4. They must be liberals – they completely miss the point. No one should need Hummers, attack dogs or assault rifles to prove himself a mensch, and indeed, if you think that’s what you need to be one, you aren’t one.

    That’s not what they’re for, and it’s not why most who possess these things have them.

  5. What would help the whole situation immensely would be for “our” side to STOP letting the other side pervert the langage. Let’s start by not using the term “assault weapon”. Rather call these rifles by their correct name, “semi-auto”. And every time some slime says assault weapons correct that person.

  6. Odd that they feel they have to prove anything. I don’t have that urge. I wonder if that is one of the differentiators between gun owners and gun banners?

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