Vampire season

Barb L. and I just got back from the lumber store after purchasing 1000 stakes:


I really wanted someone to ask why we were buying so many stakes. The checkout clerk “had that look”. You just knew he was wondering but he didn’t ask.

Barb and I were ready with answers. Her answer was, “We run a tourist business of vampire hunts.”

I planned to make him work a little more and get his brain engaged before delivering the punch line. I envisioned it would go something like this:

Clerk: What are you going to do with all those stakes?

Joe: Hunting season opens next weekend in Idaho and we are going to be there for opening day.

Clerk: Okay. <pause> Uh… what are you hunting?

Joe: Vampires.

More blog posts about stake purchases and vampires are here (2006), here (2007), and here (2008). All are about this time of year and all are related to Boomershoot.


6 thoughts on “Vampire season

  1. If you want some variety in your reasons for buying all these stakes, you could say they’re for a high-stakes poker game….

    • Early Halloween preps. Burning witches at the stake.

      Or having grilled steaks for dinner.

      Or you are working with the cops on a really important stake-out.

  2. I always wonder why Larry hasn’t showed up at Boomershoot yet? I’m thinking he would be a VERY popular Saturday night dinner speaker!

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