Gun Song – Steve Lee – I like Guns

This one went up in 2009. Kind a fun poke at the anti-gunner sorts with self-deprecating humor. He even has a few I’d like to try, and never have.

Steve Lee – I like Guns

Steve Lee is not a big household name in the US, hasn’t been in the music biz big-time for decades or anything, he’s just a working Aussie country music guy, but the video is a hoot. Just the thing to bend the statists with.


One thought on “Gun Song – Steve Lee – I like Guns

  1. Steve is a hoot in real life. His entire family is very talented musically. I had the opportunity to meet them all in my hometown of Paducah Kentucky several years ago. They were here in the US on vacation and had been to Nashville and were in KY and heard that our town did Saturday night thing where music groups basically busked on the street corners downtown. The whole family set up on a street corner and played and talked to the audience.

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