12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Nina Knorr

  1. I find it rather creepy these folks all seem to be thinking about my penis more than I do.

  2. Not only that, but think about it — they are saying their purpose (as gun controllers) is to take it away. Nice folks, eh?

  3. So, if I don’t have an automatic weapon, what does that say about what she thinks of the size of my gun?

  4. Statements like that are directed at insecure juveniles, and I suppose that, en masse, they do have some of their desired effect against their intended target. “Girls say yes to guys who say no” was a slogan, if I recall correctly, used during the Vietnam war. This sort of psychological warfare against our culture has been going on for a very long time, and it has very effective. Sex is often used as a tool of manipulation by communists and gangsters generally. Charles Manson used women as bait to get, again, insecure juveniles, into his clan. Markleys Law ties into all of this nicely– “Put down those guns if you ever expect to get laid, kid.” Eh? Same shit, different generation of communists and useful idiots.

    • They did the same thing in the run-up to Prohibition. “Lips that touch alcohol shall not touch mine” the authoritarian idiot women of the early 20th century said. The message is the same; do as we say or you get no sex. But creating a government-enforced monopoly on alcohol for criminals pales by comparison to the horror that results from depriving a whole society of arms.

      This would never work if we men had our heads on straight, if the allure of sex didn’t have such a hold on us. But that allure is being actively promoted isn’t it?

      It goes to that issue of being controlled by our emotions, and so we see that emotional reaction is promoted practically everywhere you look. It works. It’s a big part of how we’re being controlled. The Markley’s Law phenomenon may seem ridiculous to some of us, and it is, but at the same time it’s a continuation of horrors that go back all through history.

    • (Smiles)
      It goes all the way back, I reckon. The same story repeated over and over, down through the generations.

  5. I am reasonably sure that Nina’s penis is very large and in inverse variation to her brain.

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