13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jola Mehmeti

  1. Isn’t it funny how the feminists and liberals constantly berate men for their appreciation of the beauty of the female form and justifiably for when men objectify women, but when they want gun control, all they can do is use sad sexual insults (or racism attacks). Hypocrites! Me thinks your argument is pathetic, Jola.

    …and Jola, if my equipment ever gets large enough to be a weapon that can replace a firearm, you’ll never get to appreciate it. It’s only for my wife. What an ignorant, sexist, dolt.

    • What a sad post. Are you still hoping it’s going to grow? Aren’t you an adult — I mean, you have a wife and all. Things stop growing after awhile and they only appear to be larger when you get older and everything else shrinks…

      • Good job ubu52, I can always count on you to misunderstand plain posts and sarcasm. Don’t you get that I was mocking her stupidity since she can only make penis jokes. Seems you are quick to join her in this arena. Also, I’m more of an adult than you since I recognize the world can be a dangerous place and I can exercise personal responsibility. Are you silly enough to think the police will teleport in to save you all the time? The SCOTUS decisions say they do not have to do so…

        Pathetic troll…

  2. If Freud was right and irrational terror of weapons is due to sexual inadequacies, then if we could cure the lefties of their sexual problems, the poor psychological cripples would then finally be content to let normal healthy people make their own decisions about owning guns. If civil rights weren’t under siege, we wouldn’t need the NRA to defend them.

    But I really think Freud was mistaken about that. Lefties see a penis when they look at a gun because they almost invariably see something obscene and/or scatological whenever they look at anything they don’t like or don’t understand. Leftism appears to be a form of Tourette’s syndrome. Instead of participating in debate, they just spit up some random remark that’s so bizarre, idiotic, irrelevant, and nauseating that nobody wants to go near them.

    Maybe that’s why they advise rape victims to vomit on their attackers: In a polite conversation about politics, that tactic actually works.

  3. Before I give up my guns for a larger (how big does it really need to be?) penis, I’ll need to see some type of devastating wang based martial art.
    What would we call it?

  4. This Jola Mehmeti person obviously doesn’t know, and more importantly didn’t bother to spend the 90 seconds it would take to find out, why the NRA was founded in the first place.

  5. Am I the only one convinced that blahblahblah?

    Well, no. But there is, unfortunately, no shortage of stupid people, so you may comfort yourself with the fact that you have numbers on your side…if not logic, reason or truth.

    (Side note: Anyone else think ubu, Baldr Odinson, mikeb32000 and Markadelphia are all the same person? I mean, you’ve never seen them together, have you?) 😉

    • If ubu52 comes around again to troll, my challenge to her is to show us how Jola Mehmeti’s comments are defensible and somehow not deserving of scorn and ridicule.

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