Quote of the day—Dan Baum

When you’re wearing a gun, you do not get upset if someone takes your parking space, or if someone cuts you in line. You have this quite noble sense of being the sheepdog, being the protector.

Dan Baum
March 6, 2013
What Liberals Need to Understand About ‘Gun Guys’
[H/T to Cargosquid for the email.

I don’t agree with everything he said in the article but I come close enough that I don’t think it is worth squabbling about. The above quote really resonated with me. I said essentially the same thing years ago and I’m pretty sure it was in a Massad Ayob book that I read something similar as well.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dan Baum

  1. If you read the interview with Baum carefully, he is actually saying a few reasonable things in between the gross mischaracterizations of gun owners that he traffics in.

    Example: ““The people who buy most of the guns are middle-aged white men who have not finished college. That demographic has been particularly screwed in this society in the past 30 years. They are losing ground economically, they are losing ground culturally, but in this country, to talk about your circumstances as part of a class is forbidden. So these guys have no vocabulary for discussing what has happened to them. All they know is, they’re pissed.””

    I analyzed the whole interview. He looks down his nose at gun owners, and believes anything that a Democrat says without questioning it. Dan Baum is no friend of gun owners, and cannot be trusted. Don’t be fooled by the few pleasantries that he threw in with the bile.


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