Stereotypical disconnect

At a rally for “gun violence” prevention:

In the middle of the program we had three songs by Eugene singer/songwriter PeterAlmeida, who coordinated the musical portions of the event, including a sing-along with John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Wow! Maybe next time they should also visualize world peace, or is it whorled peas?

These people really are into the “feelings” aspect of things. It’s no wonder they can’t distinguish between making some people feel better and people being physically safer.

The stereotype of them being disconnected from reality has just been validated.


3 thoughts on “Stereotypical disconnect

  1. Much of our culture (root word being “cult”) is focused around feelings, and that is the biggest problem we face. Virtually EVERYTHING in media, art, religion, music, you name it, is focused on arousing emotions.

    No, Young Grasshopper; emotion drives out reason. You cannot be aware of reality and have strong feelings (of any kind) at the same time. Most of us THINK we can, and right there is the problem. It’s one or the other. If you’re driven by your feelings, you can no more do the right thing than a pig can fly. You can even have good intentions, but it will flop, one way or the other, or come right back and bite you in the arse. You know what they say about good intentions. It should be amended as; “The road to hell is paved with good intentions driven by emotions (or feelings – same thing).”

  2. From what I heard, the protester(s) had the rainbow flag out, I was then led to wonder, maybe the Pink Pistols should have had a counter protest across the street, they would have probably had more Pro-2A supporters on their side, than the 25 or so supporters the anti-2A guys had…

  3. And the distinction between feeling safe and actually being safe is as important as the difference between going to a real surgeon to remove your tumor and going to a faith healer who will massage your belly for 10 minutes and present you with bits of chicken liver secreted in his magician’s false thumbs.

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