Quote of the day—Jason Thibeault

There’s no denying that guns and gun culture are toxically macho. They are tied into masculinity to such an absurd degree that some of the most iconic figures in popular culture that men are expected to identify with are gun-toting maniacs: Tony Montana, for instance, or Rambo, or any of a thousand other power fantasy men with a “license to kill” and a womanizing bent.

Gun culture should be stopped.

Jason Thibeault
February 23, 2013
Gun control, pinkification, and splash damage
[I just “love” how people start out asserting some absurd assumption and insist “there’s no denying” it. One could spend 30 minutes providing data and reason to the entire house of cards built upon it but it’s easier just to say, “There’s your problem!” and let the house of cards collapse on it’s own.

H/T to Oleg for the email.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jason Thibeault

  1. I would dare him to say that after watching Amanda Collins’ testimony in front the Senate Committee and say her desire to have a firearm, instead of having been raped. She then lives with the knowledge that her rapist went on to rape at least two more, killing the last one.

  2. So he plans on telling Hollywood to stop making “Macho Movies” and TV Shows, even though they generate Billions of Dollars? And some of the biggest Anti-Gunners in the Business will still Whore themselves using an AR or Glock on Screen?

    Hmmm. So now it looks they want to go after the FIRST Amendment.

    Know Thy Enemy.

  3. Bubblehead beat me to it – the phony culture glamorized on the silver or LED screen has very little to do with reality. Oh sure, there are enthusiast and bad apples in any group that attempt to fit some Hollywood model. But if he asserts that all gun owners strive to be like Tony Montana or Rambo, then I guess every auto driver is channeling the script from Fast and Furious or Gone in 60 Seconds, right?

    • What Defens said. Why is being a “Car Nut” any more socially acceptable when there are so many auto accidents and so many that result in innocents dead, like the family in New York recently? Such a free market in needlessly high powered cars as we have contributes to the deaths.

      You know it. I’m waiting to spring the “race car” meme on my brother for his Scirocco with the GTI engine, the Jetta brakes, the GTI wheels and sway bars, and the aerodynamic add-ons. It even has stripes!

      The only things missing are the numbers on the side, the sponsor decals, and the roll cage. And the special chassis and all the extra stuff removed, but then, mentioning the differences is only semi-auto obfuscation. Like the mendacious Feinstein, Schumer and Sugarman, I don’t need your facts, I know one when I see one.

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