Nevada doesn’t want me

It’s big hassle for an out of state resident to get a concealed carry license in Nevada. So for a while I had a Utah concealed carry license and could use it to carry while in Nevada. Then Nevada stopped recognizing it.

Then Nevada started recognizing Arizona licenses and I got an Arizona license. Now, (H/T Say Uncle), Nevada stopped recognizing the Arizona license.

It looks like I might have to actually go through the hassle of getting a Nevada license or waiting until the new Idaho license gets through the legislative process and is recognized by Nevada. Despite the evidence indicating Nevada doesn’t want me; there are pretty good reasons to visit Nevada.


4 thoughts on “Nevada doesn’t want me

  1. The press release says that this was instigated by Las Vegas instructors. While this sucks for Joe (and me and a lot of other people who have AZ licenses) it was kind of inevitable. Arizona had dropped their live fire requirement BEFORE Nevada picked them up so it was puzzling that NV did so in the first place. Nevada’s real “problem” is that people who want CCW licenses are rational: Nevada , unlike Washington and some other states, does not require their residents to have resident licenses to carry in NV. The NV license requires an 8 hour class and live fire. The NV instructors are at a competitive disadvantage since Utah and Arizona require minimal class time and no live fire. Result: Utah and “Arizona” classes drive the Nevada classes out of the market. The new Idaho enhanced license will require more training than NV so we should be good (and a nonresident will need to have their home state license). We’re hoping that NV will pick up the new Idaho license quickly.

    • Sadly, private companies asking government for more regulation happens all the time. If you are already in an industry, and “help” write the legislation so you get grandfathered in, then you can limit the competition and rise the “standards” in order to ensure more business and profits for yourself. Happens eventually in most industries. That is why barbers and hair-dressers (for example) in many states have longer training requirements than most police academies; they don’t need that much training, they need to limit competition in order to ensure higher prices.
      Having a two-tiered system might be the best way around that sort of thing, and not just with CPLs, but with MANY industries.

  2. Only one Las Vegas instructor I’ve ever run into that would pull that shit. He’s also buddies with the crappy Sheriff and the go to douchnozzle whenever the local media needs an anti gun gun store owner for a story. (The Gun Store, don’t go there, even for the “free” ccw class…)

    You need a CCW to carry concealed in NV whether you are a resident or not.

    Open carry is not unlawful in the state of NV.

    Our legislature is working on the live fire issue and there is another bill pushing for Constitutional carry. One of our big problems is that our Sec of State is a gun hating bitch.

  3. Joe — come see me and let’s get the Nevada CCW out of the way for you; preferably before the next GBR.

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