Quote of the day—Andrew Cuomo

When people understand what the law is really about, and it’s not about taking their gun or a government intrusion on the Second Amendment, they’ll feel better about it.

Andrew Cuomo
New York State Governor
February 27, 2013
N.Y. gun law mandates magazines that don’t exist
[Do rape victims “feel better about it” when they find out their attacker won’t be prosecuted?

Governor Cuomo, this can and will be used as evidence against you at your trial.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Andrew Cuomo

  1. Translation: we did not take all of your Second Amendment rights (yet) so quit your whining bitches and put on a happy face.

    How is it NOT taking away your guns and governmental intrusion when the practical result is outlawing most firearms since 7 rounds is not realistic?

  2. They honestly (I know, how can you say such a thing about these people?) don’t get it. They are that clueless about why we are upset.

  3. Oh, we are not taking anyone’s guns away, but we are rendering your Glock inoperable by taking away the magazine which we previously grandfathered and not allowing you to buy a 10rd replacement magazine.

  4. So if it’s not about taking your gun away, then why did you say so and the Audio File is available for all to hear, Junior?

  5. I think Cuomo believes rape victims would feel better once they realize rape isn’t about sex.

    • Cuomo is the sort of pol that view gun control “compromise” like a rapist “compromising” by only insert half way… this time.

  6. Since dipsticks like Cuomo are of the opinion that the Second Amendment pertains only to securing the rights of state militia to bear arms, his blather is entirely consistent with that. “You oafs don’t have a protected right anyway, so why are you bitching? And besides you can still have a double barreled shotgun to shoot ducks or go out on the porch with the scare off burglars! Just don’t equip it with a shoulder thing that goes up.”

  7. I was at the Albany rally yesterday. The turnout was huge (at least 5000 people), and the populist anger at Cuomo and the SAFE act was quite palpable.

  8. TS hit the nail on the head. Cuomo isn’t taking your guns away, just making it illegal to use the guns you have. All I know is that a few weeks ago I went to bed a law-abiding citizen and woke up a felon, all because a few politicians with an agenda decided to make some inanimate objects sitting in my basement illegal.

    A few things Cuomo doesn’t understand (or more likely doesn’t care about):

    – If what I’ve seen at gun shows and gun ranges is any indicator, before Cuomo’s law was enacted, standard capacity magazines were more commonly used in NY than reduced capacity ten round magazines. It was often easier and cheaper to purchase pre-ban magazines than to purchase new ten round magazines.

    – This ban most hurts people who most need tools for defense. Which guns already use magazines holding only seven or fewer sounds? A quick survey at a local gun store indicated that very large guns and very small guns fit this category. The large guns, like many 1911s, typically hold around seven large caliber rounds in the mag. The small guns,made for concealed carry (virtually illegal in many NY counties), often hold 6-7 rounds of .38, 9 mm or similar. All of these guns suffer from a common problem: they can be difficult or even painful for a small or weak shooter to handle. The big guns are heavy and pack a high recoil round. The small ones are too light to absorb much recoil. All of the guns in the middle of this range, including most Glocks, S&Ws, and the like, will be illegal without new magazines that may not be made. These are the guns that are ideal for most small or weak shooters. They are light enough not to weigh you down too much, big enough to absorb recoil, and shoot a variety of calibers, suitable for shooters of different strengths. The gang banger looking to settle a score doesn’t care whether he’s got a 9 mm Glock or a .45 1911. The disturbed youth looking to shoot up a school doesn’t care if he has to purchase a few extra mags. It’s the young 120 lb mother whose options are limited only by this law.

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