Quote of the day—David W.

Wait so, he requires you to have the guns, so he can shove them up YOUR ass?

He’s not going to bring his own guns or else he would say “I’ll shove my gun up your ass”.

So basically he is threatening someone, with guns, and the threat is to shove said guns up the gun owners ass…

Me thinks he is infinity fries short of a happy meal…

David W.
February 26, 2013
Comment to Another threat
[Barb L. and I were discussing, laughing, and shaking our heads at this very thing at the same time David W. was leaving his comment.

I was talking to AlphaMike about this nutcase as well. He said, “Obviously he has never met you or he would not have made any threats.”—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David W.

  1. Good point, although the person making the threat intends for someone else to shove said guns up said gun owner’s ass.

  2. Well, if I ever met this person, and he allowed his insanity to propel the conversation in a bad and violent direction, I would not want to do that to MY gun, I carefully selected it and care for it, and it would be injurious to its finish if nothing else to do that with my gun. I’d do it with something of his that he valued. Perhaps his iPhone. Or maybe I’d just feed his cell phone and his wallet to an elephant and he can wait to get them back. . .

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