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A reader sent these to me in regards to the anti-gun owner laws being proposed in Colorado.


I like the first one best.

This particular reader did not want even a hint of credit being given to them for fear they could lose their job. It sounds to me like someone has a boss that has a problem with diversity.


5 thoughts on “Graphics Campaign

  1. Pretty good. The first one is close to Oleg’s work in brevity and pointedness. Glad they are making the “rounds.”

  2. The first poster is great. With some editing and pruning, I also like the one about “Weapons of War” – Maybe reduce it to:

    If AR-15s are “Weapons of War…+\”
    (Senator John Morse)

    Then why do Peace Officers need them?

  3. We need a good one here in WA State for Ed Murray and Adam Kline – The guys that “didn’t know that was in there”

    This is the same bill as 5737, Adam Kline is a habitual liar, he’s been putting this bill into session since 2009.. he knows exactly what is in the bill.

    Old proposed bill

    New version of bill

    2009 version of bill

    Get copies of all 3 before they wipe them out.

    SB 5739, by Sen. Ed Murray (D-43), would allow counties or cities to ban firearms in public parks and other recreation areas. SB 5739 was NOT scheduled for a public hearing.

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