Equal Gun Rights

Great video from The Second Amendment Foundation:

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3 thoughts on “Equal Gun Rights

  1. In Massachusetts we have a patchwork of laws due to the “May Issue” grounds of our permits. (Also again note an LTC is a permit to OWN firearms not just to carry).

    Also given the racist history of our state towns are VERY segregated and you can drive a very short distance and see only white faces walking the streets, to all hispanics, to all blacks.

    Predictably enough, if you live in one of those towns where the population is mostly black or hispanic, the amount of harassment, and illegal extra steps “required” (its against state law to add fees or requirements to a permit…but who are you going to call when your town police are breaking the law? Also even if you sucessfully take action against your town police….you still live there, and still depend on this police force to enforce the laws), goes up the darker the average skin tone in your town is.

    Down right predictable….

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