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Do NOT be deluded into thinking that this push for gun control is about CRIME control. It isn’t, it’s about removing the guns from ALL of the society so as to make way for an uncontested dictatorship.

The only thing we can’t know yet is how benevolent the dictatorship might or might not be. In other words, will our enslavement be easy or harsh.

Also, do not be deluded that we aren’t already in the fight. The line between us being considered as dissidents exercising our rights and the putative dictatorship considering us insurgents is but a line in the sand, and the blowing wind will soon cover that line.

February 17, 2013
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  1. See Nazi Germany, Turkey, Communist China, the USSR for gun confiscation consequences.

    See Vietnam, Cambodia, and many African countries for the human cost of disarmed populations and enabled government or ethnic cleansing programs.

    See the Warsaw ghetto, the French resistance, Russian partisans, the Viet Cong, Syrian resistance, Egyptian revolution, Libya, and the track record of Afghanistan for the reality of armed resistance to governments or invasions (I know that some of these examples depict righteous actions and some are pure evil. However, the government murdering millions of its citizens is always evil.)

    This is why we have the Second Amendment and no weakening of it is ever going to be acceptable. It is not about hunting, liberal idiots.

    Molon Labe!
    Never Again!
    Not on my Watch!

  2. Well, I’m expecting to see how many more States will Fall while in the hands of the Obama Regime’s Anti-Gun Local Politicians, but once that is settled, then I’m looking for SOMETHING to go Nationwide. But it does feel like the Imperial Japanese Navy is doing Maneuvers, they just haven’t hit Pearl Harbor yet.

  3. “…will our enslavement be easy or harsh.”
    You need only look at the existing rhetoric in the rank and file of the “bottom Up” portion of the progressive movement. It’s pure, irrational hate. Rage. Stuff about “parasitic human babies” and planet-wide calamities caused by “greed”, the race baiting of the Liberation Theology version, the “anti Imperialism”, and all the rest. You know of what I speak, and this comes from the Top Down ranks– it’s drilled into kids in school and universities, and it’s perpetuated by media and entertainment.. I think that answers that question. We’re dealing with a foundation of white-hot rage, made worse by years of frustration and now economic woes which are getting worse. Foreign enemies are being brought into the fold as well. We’re sitting on a powder keg and the fuse is lit.

    Anger and fear on our side will make it worse, and so we have a very delicate situation.

  4. Slavery is slavery there are no qualifying standards. It is the same as saying someone is only half dead, it doesn’t fly with me. My choice is the same as Patrick Henry’s,there are no other options.

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