Incident number 2013-8424

Remember the guy that threatened me with, “If you know whats good you will keep your fucking mouth shut about Obama or you will come up missing on the news.”?

Yeah. Real piece of work. He called me. I was on the phone with daughter Kim at the time but I got a garbled voice mail and I called him back a couple minutes later.

After talking about a minute I hung up on him. It was difficult to even figure out what he was talking about and I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. He called again, and again, and again…

He left a second voice mail which was as follows (reading my blog post for the first part):

  • Any place that I frequent should be considered a known distance gun range.
  • If I can see you then you are within range.
  • My eyesight is quite good.
  • Don’t mess with me.

Yeah. I’m pretty sure those are threats. You looking at some jail time buddy. Have a good day.

He also sent me text messages. Actual time of calls (PST) and text messages were as follows. After the first two calls I did not respond to anything. Typos, punctuation, and grammar errors in the text messages are his:

  • 12:49 (missed call)
  • 12:51 (my outgoing call)
  • 12:55 (ignored call)
  • 12:56 (ignored call)
  • 12:56 (ignored call. Yes, every few seconds)
  • 13:02 (ignored call)
  • 13:02 (ignored call)
  • 13:07 (Text: 206-622-0460 seattle FBI’s number and I also logged a restraining order through the San Diego office next call is to my lawyer to file a suit)
  • 13:11 (Text: I tried to be nice and let you delete it yourself now Im leaving it to the courts. You breaking federal laws Joe not just state.)
  • 13:14 (ignored call)
  • 13:18 (ignored call)
  • 13:18 (ignored call)
  • 13:23 (ignored call)
  • 13:23 (ignored call)
  • 13:23 (Text: and if anything should happen you are held directly responsible. Enjoy the next 4 years of Obama you nazi republican jackoff)
  • 13:25 (ignored call)
  • 13:26 (ignored call)
  • 13:29 (ignored call)
  • 13:29 (ignored call)
  • 13:30 (ignored call)
  • 13:30 (ignored call)
  • 13:31 (ignored call)
  • 13:33 (Text: Thought so you fucking pussy republican asshole. . I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE NOW MOTHER FUCKER!! Thanks)
  • 15:26 (Text: I dont even own a single weapon. I dont hide behind a gun or computer screen like some conservative pussy from seattle washington. Sleep tight.)

After the message at 13:33 I went to the Bellevue, Washington Police station. I talked to Officer Dill who gave me the incident number 2013-8424 and gave my new “friend” a call. I only heard one side of the conversation but it sounded a lot like my conversation. Officer Dill couldn’t complete a sentence and sometimes even a word without being interrupted. At the end, after maybe a couple minutes, Officer Dill was almost yelling at him in a vain attempt to get him to call the Bellevue police department with the incident number. But he was unsuccessful and my “friend” hung up on the officer.

Officer Dill told me (paraphrasing some), “Yeah. Same as what you described. He is clearly irrational.”

[Stuff deleted on the advice of a psychologist.]

About 15 minutes after I left the police station the 15:26 text message came in.

Liberals are violent. We are better than this.

Update 2/19/2013: I don’t know that either is related but I received a call from a Brooklyn, NY number at 12:52 AM this morning and one from an Illinois exchange at 8:26 AM. Both calls hung up when I answered.

I would like to add, up front, that I cannot recall saying anything more offensive about Obama than I wasn’t going to vote for him and that I believe he is anti-gun. And furthermore I don’t even consider myself a Republican. This guy threatening me is nuts.


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  2. What a crackpot! I’m guessing that he either broke his X-Box, or his Mom cut the power to the basement, leaving him with just a phone for entertainment.

    BTW – I really hate that “we are better than this” meme. Even if I know that you’re mocking the Brady Bunch.

    • It’s more than just mocking them. It’s building up Google juice so that my blog category comes in close or above the Brady website. There is more to be done than just this but I haven’t had time to finish the project yet.

  3. Uhh, let me get this straight. He harasses you both through SMS and phone and then claims to be filing for a PRO? Yeah, I don’t think so, but I would say if you find out he has left the San Diego area headed north you have plenty of evidence to file one for yourself.

    Not that a piece of paper does any actual good at stopping them but it is a nice thing to have at your defense trial.

    Normally I would say someone like that is a few fries short of a happy meal… I think he’s missing the burger, fries, and drink short. About the only thing he does have is the little box and napkins…

  4. It would be interesting to interview this guy, and try to figure our what he’s thinking, and what he hopes to actually achieve by his actions. Is he really so stupid he doesn’t know this can be tracked to him so easily? Does he think he can control someone a thousand miles away by making a bunch of annoying phone calls? The “thought” process being used is baffling, like writing output to /dev/null and hoping for usable data generation.

    • Would you like his telephone number?

      He doesn’t make much sense. I don’t really think there is a thought process. And I can’t imagine what I said about Obama, other than I wasn’t going to vote for him and I thought he was anti-gun, that could be considered so offensive. I always that I was pretty respectful of the office and the man. I’m just opposed to all of his policies (that I can think of right off, there might be something I agree with him on).

      • You agree with Obama on gay rights, don’t you?

        See, I knew you agreed on something…

        • I think you are probably about 90% right. I think they should have equal rights. But not some sort of minority super rights. But for the purposes of this conversation I’ll grant you a “Yes” on that point.

          Thank you.

        • Sorry Ubu, I forget – wrt gay rights, are you asking if Joe agrees with what Obama says he supports NOW, or what he was for before he was against … was against before he was for … oh *sheet*, now I’m MORE confused myself.

      • Let me re-phrase – it would be interesting to see what a trained shrink said about the guys brain-cell. I’d probably just end up laughing at him. I’m not the best “people-reader”, though I’m getting better as I get older and my wife people-understanding skills rub off on me a bit – she’s the super-sensitive sort for picking up underlying vibes and such.

    • Joe, by the number of political push-poll calls I get, I’d say that hosenose’s idea of control via phone is assumed universally. This idiot may have worked a boiler room (phone bank) himself. Your friendly cop didn’t take it far enough though. The guy has broken several harrassment laws, one each in CA, WA and possibly one Federal.

      He has shown irrationality, so he could be (would be?) stripped of his 2A rights under all the proposed gun laws, and maybe even some current ones. Have your attorney write him a nastygram and get it served.

  5. Wow. That’s…unhinged. I’ve known some high-strung gun owners at times, met a couple I wouldn’t care to hang out with, but the vast majority are nice, polite, well-spoken folks. Since I’ve started learning more about guns myself, I’m discovering that those who hate “violence” are usually the first to threaten violence to anyone who doesn’t toe their nonviolent line. I may end up going bald from all of the head-scratching I’m finding myself doing…

  6. I’m sorry that you have to deal w/ this, & I wish I could bring more than words to the table. But FWIW I can hope that this creep either sees the error of his ways or returns quietly to his lair or gets caught before doing something really stupid (and maybe send one up to the man upstairs, even though I gather that isn’t really your thing. Can’t hurt anything).

  7. “Nazi Republican jackoff”
    I’m sure that any truth there may be in that term is completely escaping him. If I didn’t believe he were completely unhinged, I might think he was referring to the Progressivism that has infected the Republican Party since TR, but then he’d have no problem with Joe.

    Anyone who is outspoken in favor of liberty is going to get something like this, and more. Don’t get upset. It goes with the territory. Expect it. Be ready to deal with it gracefully. Easy for me to say, as I am the master of Condition White but; don’t be blindsided. The goal is get you so upset that you do or say something you’ll regret. That’s the game. It’s as old as the hills.

  8. Famous pro liberty pundits commonly receive death threats. It reminds me of Zaphod Beeblebrox’s most excellent statement, made when he discovered that guided, nuclear missiles were converging with his ship over the legendary planet of Magrathea;
    “Man, this is GREAT! We must really be on to something if they’re trying to kill us!”

  9. It’s impossible to do a diagnosis from the brief post Joe has given us about this person, but I have suspicions that this person might be schizophrenic, for what it’s worth; if this is the case, then it would be a little unfair to call him a “liberal”. At best, he’d be a schizophrenic with a fixation on liberalism.

    Of course, that doesn’t make it any less scary having to deal with him…but if he kills someone, or gets himself killed trying to carry out his death threats, it would be a very sad thing indeed, particularly since our legal system currently doesn’t deal very well with those who are literally insane.

    Having said this, I can’t completely rule out he possibility that he’s perfectly sane, but just goes unhinged when his pet politics are rubbed the wrong way….in an odd sort of way, that’s even more tragic than if he were a straight-up schizophrenic. If he were schizophrenic, he might not get the treatment and care he needs–but that treatment and care can, theoretically, exist–even if there are legal barriers that prevent it from being administered!

    • A couple of points on that. First, I don’t subscribe, at all, to the modern version of psycho analysis. I think they’re missing the point entirely, in nearly every case. They’re looking at symptoms while ignoring causation. Diagnose, prescribe, diagnose, and prescribe. It’s horrible.

      Second; I believe that this guy, as are millions of others, can be described as “cells of one”. Lone agents, left ignorant by a dysfunctional education system, programmed, from many sources and many directions, in leftist liberation gobbledy gook, irritated and agitated to such an extent that they’re ready to burst. “Bottom Up.”

      And by the way I believe that our psychiatry professionals are (usually unwitting) contributors to the problem, so the two points tie together.

      “We struggle not with flesh and blood, but with Principalities…”

      • I’m reading “Who killed Homer?” by Victor Davis Hanson, about the demise of Classics education. One of the things they point out from Greek plays and Greek life is that they recognize that punishing the action of a crazy man (say, he murders someone) may not always be just, but it always leads to a GREATER injustice to be so amoral as to excuse it, and try to have “flexible values” that accommodate such unusual events. Committing a crime must always be punished, regardless of excuse, or worse things follow from the attempts to be fair. I’m starting to realize now how badly my HS and college teachers taught Greek mythology and lit. (I’m probably expressing it badly – read the book.

      • For the record, I don’t ascribe to psychoanalysis at all. Having said that, schizophrenia is a fairly easy-to-recognize mental disorder with physical causes; indeed, it may even be possible to diagnose schizophrenia using a blood test of some sort, as well as recognizing crazy behavior.

        Whenever I see incoherent behavior, I’m always curious: to what degree does that behavior come because the person is merely unhinged, and to what degree is it because the person is literally diseased? In this case, we cannot say without an evaluation of the person’s life.

        For what it’s worth, I have a sister who is schizophrenic, so I have a personal connection with the issue.

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