How many times do you have to be fooled by the same tricksters?

Once you get this mental “health” bit into NICS, you will see an exponential increase in the number of people being adjudicated mentally deficient in some way. This is a very, very important move for the Progressives, and all the more dangerous for sounding “reasonable”.

It shocks me that so many people on the “pro second amendment” side seem to think this is OK.

All I can say is; once the S really HTF, we will have deserved it.


7 thoughts on “How many times do you have to be fooled by the same tricksters?

  1. Why do you think ObamaCare was pushing electronic medical records? And, in their “free yearly checkup” there are a bunch of questions they are required to ask you that include things like smoking, guns, etc., and that info HAS to be sent in for the doc to be reimbursed for your “free” checkup.
    Nah, no chance of anything going wrong or being misused there, is there?

    • “In the Soviet Union, systematic political abuse of psychiatry took place.”

      Yes, and so; welcome to the Soviet Union, Suckers. It’s been going on here for for some time now.

      They have a large percentage of our kids on psycho drugs as we speak. My daughter’s friend is on five different meds– a perfectly sweet, normal young woman. She was given another prescription drug by a “friend” and overdosed, ending up in the hospital. Near half of the kids are on something, and that’s just the prescriptions. Then there are the less-than-legal medications.

      A few months ago, my daughter actually ASKED to be put on drugs. I tried to explain to her what’s going on, and I think she’s starting to understand.

      All this while the school officials are telling kids to stay off drugs. “Drugs are BAD! Here, have some drugs you little twerp, so you’ll stop giving me a hard time.”

      I had an hour-long conversation with the principal yesterday about this. I told him the kids are more than aware enough to see the flaming hypocrisy of it, and that makes them disrespect everyone. He agreed (or pretended to agree, so as to get me off his ass? I’m not sure, but he had some things to say of his own that lead me to believe he at least partially understands). This is huge, and if you think you’ll escape it, think again. It’s already here.

      Meanwhile, the Republicans are working on their hair styles and rehearsing their stage presence.

      • Meanwhile, the Republicans are working on their hair styles and rehearsing their stage presence.


      • Lyle, it all started with the NRA being “reasonable” and giving 2A ground after the Virginia Tech mass murder. That was the foot in the door. Specifically, all military vets returning from the Sandbox are being subjected to severe harassment in the form of “PTSD Screening”, and all that is a direct result of Virginia State.

        Supposedly, the concentration camps to make up our “gulag” haven’t been built yet, but the guards are obviously being trained for them, see my blog today.

  2. Joe, that’s exactly what I’ve been saying. If we give away the rights of the “crazy” people to save our own, we will find that we are ALL deemed “crazy” by those who would rule us.

  3. *nod*

    I couldn’t even count the number of times I’ve been told by antis that I’m “crazy” for simply wanting to own a firearm. So, if being “crazy” becomes a reason to prevent someone from owning a firearm… why, how very circular this sounds.

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