Sending arms into the war zone

Ry explains how he and I have been supplying arms to those that are in desperate need. You can help too.

Why? Because when the NY law goes into effect no ten round magazines will be allowed into the state. As far as I know there are no seven round magazines made for AR-15’s. Therefore people without a ten round magazine, as of the effective date of the ban, will not be able to use their AR-15s.


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  1. I think we have one AR ten rounder from a RRA purchase a while back. You’re welcome to it. There are AR five rounders for hunting that have been around for many years too, and the Mini-14 has smaller mags out there in the millions. Then there are the local sheet metal shops and the 3D printers, etc. it wouldn’t be too terribly difficult to make a two piece, clam-shell mag body from a solid block of plastic using a make-shift milling setup for that matter. A template and a router with a piloted bit would make quick work of it too. Very low tech, and one person could crank out mags by the hundreds. Easier than making bootleg white lightning, I figure, and with less start-up cost and less work space.

  2. War Zone implies people are resisting. There is no resistance going on here, only compliance. We gonna mail them hacksaws to cut off their bayonet lugs when they outlaw those? Send them spray paint when they pass a law mandating Hello Kitty paint jobs?(Black Rifles are Scary!) How about a couple pairs of oven mitts so they can still shoot when they ban barrel shrouds? What is the replacement option for the shoulder thing that goes up anyway?

    • “War Zone implies people are resisting”
      A war can be one-sided, or asymmetrical, as this one has been for generations. Don’t get in a hurry. The clever hunter understands that the game must present itself. Don’t get upset. Just watch. Observe.

      • Trying to be patient. The long game is hard for me to focus on sometimes.

        Just watched this video:

        All old men on their last legs. I hope they went to the meeting to report back to their younger counterparts who were too busy training to make it. The Political class that makes these laws KNOW that they can ruin countless lives, manufacture misery on an industrial scale and fit the country for chains and they will NEVER face consequences for their actions. It is very disheartening.

        • Google “Samuel Whittemore” and “Hezekiah Wyman.”

          Sometimes old guys don’t give an F anymore: Their kids are out of the house, they know they don’t have enough saved for a comfortable retirement, and they know they’ve earned some respect whether through combat service or decades of honest work.

          I wouldn’t mess with old guys.

      • And the Old Men comment is a dig at the young people who can’t be bothered to show up for these things. Age and treachery goes a long way, but if the young people don’t care, all the godless commies gotta do is wait.

    • Actually, Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban colorful paint jobs on otherwise scary guns, because it makes them, well, less scary. “Cops will mistake them for toys!” Hell, New York’s finest has been shooting the wrong people for years – why stop now?

      Lauer Weaponry – makers of Dura-coat – has mocked Bloomie for a couple of years with their “Bloomberg Collection” of colorful paints and urban camo stencils.

    • I’ve chopped an AK five rounder’s follower to make it a nine or ten rounder too. A sheet metal box is fairly easy to manipulate, or to make from scratch.

      What is illegal is any infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. The criminals in this contest, right now, are the ones who think they’re as safe as safe can be. Their gross miscalculation may end up working in our favor.

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  4. Couldn’t a stamping jig be made to stamp indentations into the body of a 20-rounder preventing the follower from descending, but allowing enough spring to give the right push to the seven rounds?

    What about rimfire uppers? The law doesn’t apply to rimfire ARs, does it? If this is correct, you put on your rimfire upper and go shooting until the supply of shorty mags catches up.

    I thought I saw an AR with a “Social” Fifty set up at Boomershoot a few years ago. That one had a five-rounder maggy, IIRC.

    Necessity is the mother of invention.

  5. Oh, please help us. We’re beyond mad here. Trying to take the legal route, but the state gov is very, very corrupt.

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